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Episode 9

Reversing Chronic Illness with Digital Therapeutics

Our Guest:   Innocent C. MD a trained physician, innovator, and entrepreneur, the CEO and Founder of Ciba Health, a digital therapeutic, chronic disease reversal, virtual care company, and a great human being, joins us on this week’s podcast.

In this episode, he discusses how digital therapeutics is an innovative approach to reverse chronic illness and how it can improve patient outcomes with personalized care and

Episode 8

Tech Advances to support the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

Our Guest:  James Smith from Caring Support

This episode is a must-listen for healthcare professionals looking for the perfect job match without the hassle and long wait times.

Episode 7

The Holistic Healthcare Marketing is the only way to grow

Our Guest:  Lori Beth Irvin ,an Award-Winning Marketing Leader Healthcare Strategist, and a great human being joins us for this week’s podcast. Lori has over 18+ years of experience scaling organizations through unique and personalized marketing solutions.

In this episode, she discusses how marketing has grown into a broader spectrum in terms of healthcare, patient journey, patient acquisition, and much more.

Episode 6

The Metaverse Matters in Healthcare

Our Guest:  Alberto Melon Fernandez ,is a data scientist and Blockchain enthusiast who is s designing a web3 platform for managing health data with privacy-enhanced digital decentralized stewardship.

He discusses the importance of patient data and the privacy/security concerns that come with it, augmented reality, virtual reality, whether the metaverse can succeed without web3, and much more.

Episode 5

The Role of Digital Health in Oncology

Meet  Zain Syed , PharmD, Oncology-focused health systems specialist who has worked in a number of settings including infusion, clinic, inpatient, outpatient, and experimental medication services.

In this podcast he talks about asking the right questions, the gaps in the existing healthcare infrastructure, how #technology can play a role in improving #patientcare, particularly for terminally ill patients.

Episode 4

Humanizing Digital Transformation

Our Guest:  Howard Rosen , a Strategic Advisor and Health IT Consultant with 30 years of industry experience as a founder and leader of diverse, successful companies in the #healthcare and #entertainment industries.

In this podcast, he discusses his concept of humanizing digital transformation, his experiences in working on #patientcentric solutions, and why #patientengagement is a priority. He shares valuable insights based on his extensive experience and is a must-listen for anyone in #healthtech.

Episode 3

The Clinical Route to Entrepreneurship

Our Guest: Dr. Behrooz Behbod is the CEO/Founder of “The Entrepreneur’s Doctor” a firm that helps you turn your health expertise or lived experience into a thriving online business, so you can scale your impact and have the freedom to do what you love while working less. He is also the host and producer of the podcast “Tribe Talks”

Episode 2

Social Media – A Boon or Bane for Mental Health

Our Guest:  Dr. Khurram Sadiq a 4 time TEDx Speaker, Neurodevelopmental Psychiatrist, Social Media, Gaming and Mental Health Expert.

Episode 1

Tele Mental Health, Female Entrepreneurship and LinkedIn Branding

Our Guest:  Lauren Howard  is a digital health strategist, mental health advocate, LinkedIn influencer, a fierce cheerleader for women, particularly marginalized ones.

Episode C: Special Guest

The Present and Future of Digital Health

Our Guest: Dr. Tazeen Rizvi for shared her valuable insights and expertise on “The Present and Future of Digital Health”

Dr. Tazeen Rizvi is a Clinician, Healthcare Digitization Expert and Advisor to various Health Tech Companies around the world.

Episode B: Special Guest

Mothers of special needs children in the mental health conversation

Our Guest: Syeda Sameen Rizvi shared her valuable insights and expertise on “Mothers of special needs children in the mental health conversation”

Sameen is a clinical psychologist with over ten years of experience working with children with special needs. She specializes in working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, ADHA, dyslexia, and others. As a mother of a teenager on the spectrum, Sameen is passionate about using her own experience to guide other mothers like her and help make a difference in their lives.

Episode A: Special Guest

How healthcare and medicines are studied and practiced will be profoundly influenced by the next level of Extended Reality or Metaverse experiences.

Our guest: Dr. Sana Farid has been named one of the top 100 women in XR globally for her outstanding achievements in developing industry standards, designing implementation strategies and best practices to assist organizations in taking advantage of immersive technologies, and developing initiatives to make XR use safe.

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